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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Okay... I'm going to tell how much I weigh...

Wait... why does it matter? I have said, repeatedly, that I am okay with my weight... that I am happy with myself. I've made the statement, that I don't care what other people think/say, that me being happy with myself is all that matters. And that's true... right? 

Hmm... IF I really am okay with myself, whether it be with my weight, my clothes, my personality, my attitude, etc. then WHY do I let those things affect how I act? Why am I so hesitant to get up in front of a crowd? Why do I want to sit in the back of a room? Why do I always have a pillow, a throw, or a jacket in my lap when I'm in a room with others? Why do I worry about sitting next to someone at the movies? Why am I uncomfortable in restaurants?

I think the reason is that I'm really NOT okay with myself. My weight is NOT okay. It is time for a change. I deserve better than this. I am worth more than this. 

So... how much do I weigh? Too much. That is the answer. And that is what I'm going to change... starting now. 

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