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Monday, May 26, 2014

Yes, unfortunately, chewing is definitely still my favorite exercise. I'm pretty sure that will never change. Man, I do love my food. The down side of that, is that it loves me back. As in, "I love you so much that I will stick to your ribs and never leave!" And the older I get? The more it seems to hang on.

As for my 30 day walking challenge? I loved it. Every single day of it. And I am still walking. And now I'm doing some yoga as well. Every little bit helps! But, I do love me a challenge, so...

How about...

A 30 day Abs challenge?? 

I. Can. Do. This. I know I can! Who's with me? Let's make June a super successful ab month! I am going to do my best. And I will blog about it every day (sorry to all those who are so tired of seeing my blog posts). Now, here is my disclaimer:  I am POSITIVE that I cannot even do a 10 second plank on day one, so the thought of a 120 second plank on day 30? No. Way. So, although I will try my hardest to do what is asked of me, I may modify it some. But I will do the challenge every day for the 30 days in June. Will you see before and after pics? Um, no. Not of my abs. But I will post a general before and after picture. Trust me, you are thanking the good Lord that the picture is not of my abs!

All that being said, I'll leave you with this thought:

That is where my motivation comes from folks. I deserve so much better.

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