Courtesy of Wedding Window

Sunday, March 9, 2014

I opened my blinds this afternoon to see something like this...

Oh man... what a GLORIOUS day today.  60* is an amazing change from the cold we just went through.  Since I've been trying to be a little healthier, I decided to go for a short, lazy walk. Not much effort, not fast, just slow and enjoyable.

Well... it started out like that.  

But upon seeing several others out for a walk that were really moving, I started to feel a bit guilty, so I picked up the pace.  It looked something like this: 

(Okay, no it didn't)

Halfway through my walk I saw my neighbor working in his flower beds.  That got me to thinking... UGH. My flowers. 

 They gave up the ghost in early winter and I still hadn't gotten rid of them.  So, I headed back home (not slow or lazy!) to throw them away.  Well... after grabbing the pots and tossing them in the garbage, I glanced up. And saw the Christmas lights... 

still on the house.

Now don't get me wrong. It's not like I planned to leave them up until Spring. But the only time I'd ever think of it is when I was gone from home... or when I was sitting in my living room watching the snow and ice fall outside.  Well, I decided today was the day they were coming down! (you're welcome, neighbors). 

So, I got the ladder (which was still laying in my backyard after the "ice on the satellite dish" episode.  Of course, then I saw the de-icer, ice scraper and broom (from the same episode) and had to stop and pick those up.  Then I figured out... the ground was way too soft for the ladder.  Hmm... now what? 

I realized that I could jump up just high enough to grab the end of the lights.  I was thinking I could just tug on them and pull them down that way, slowly, wrapping them up as I went.  Yeah, right.

One tug and... DOMINOS! Those suckers just kept coming down.  Fast!  All over the concrete driveway.  Needless to say, I had a mess, and not very many intact bulbs left on the strings.  Yet, after all that... I still had a string or two up on the peak of the house, on the other side of the satellite dish.  Now how was I going to get those down?  Again, I figured out how to get a hold of the cord.  Then I had a stroke of genius (umm... yeah). If I "swung" the string of lights, like a jump rope, I could get them to unhook, and go over the satellite dish.  So, there I am, playing "jump rope" with my lights, and here come about 6 people walking down the street. Of course they are "observing" me. (Probably wondering what kind of nut job was happening over here).  Just as they are looking my way, the swing was big enough.  It flies over the satellite dish, over the house, dominos its way across the peak, flies through the air and comes down on top of my head! LOL! (Yes, they were dying laughing).

Again... a mess, tons of broken bulbs... but those suckers are down. And it looks way better! 

Then I had to clean up my mess, clean out the garage a bit ( and pick up the trash that the raccoons strung out everywhere. 

So go the days of my life... but those Christmas lights are down. And it's not even Spring Break yet! Go me!