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Friday, June 27, 2014

Well... for a year a and half, I have worked two jobs. In some ways, it had been awesome. I needed a distraction in my life. I needed something to keep my mind busy. 

Now, I'm ready for a new direction. As of next Wednesday, I will only have one job again! Yippee! Hooray! Yee Haw!

Can you tell I'm excited? As much as I have loved my second job, I'm ready to have my evenings free again. I'm ready to keep my laundry done up. I'm ready to clean my own house. I'm ready to COOK DINNER AGAIN! Haha! Life pretty much just stopped when I started working in the evenings (sorry kids!). It's time for a change.

Not long ago, I moved to a different job at the school as well. So there are changes all over the place in my life. Good changes. Positive changes. It's a good feeling.

If you stop by the school to see me, you'll find me in the Administration office now. You know, the one with the "flag on the door". I'm thrilled to still be with my friends at the school, yet loving my new position.

As I look forward to having some free time, it makes me want to go on vacation!! 

How about a Road Trip?

Or a beach somewhere?

Or, let's travel the world!!

Okay, so I realize that isn't going to happen any time soon, but it does make me want to.

So, in anticipation of the day that I will be able to travel, here is a great idea I found:

Basically, you travel. And when you get to a place you've never been before, you take a picture. Then, cut it in the shape of the state/country/island, and paste it on your map. 

I so plan on doing this!

All that being said, I leave you with this thought:

Someday friends.... someday.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Blogger Challenge - Day 22 - My Bad Habits

Bad habits? Why, I don't have any bad habits! 

Umm... okay. Yes, I do. Too many of them. Lol

Why must these challenges make me tell all my bad faults?! Oh well... by the time I get finished with this 30 day challenge, you guys will know way too much about me. Haha!

So, bad habits.

Yep. My #1 is my biggest one. So big, in fact, that it deserved a picture. Diet Dr. Pepper. Man, I just love this stuff! I know, I know, it is bad for me. It will kill me. You know what though? We are all going to die of something, when it is our time to go. So, until then... I'M DRINKING THIS STUFF!

Some other bad habits of mine: 

Biting my fingernails (yuck!)
Pulling out eyebrow hairs and eyelashes (dumb!)
Picking at the dead skin on my feet (have I grossed you out yet?)
Organizing things without being able to control myself (OCD much?)
Being on the computer too much (can you tell?)
Criticizing myself and focusing on my negative points
Eating too many sweets and TOO MUCH PEANUT BUTTER!

Okay. That's enough for now. Nobody will like me if I continue. LOL :)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Blogger Challenge - Day 21 -
What Makes Me Sad?

Oh my. What a question on Father's Day.  I usually try not to think of things like this, because it makes me, well, sad.  But, in fairness to the challenge, I'll try.  Be warned though:  I'm feeling pretty sad tonight, so you never know what will come out of my head.

First, my Dad not being on this earth anymore makes me really sad. It is such a hard thing to lose someone that you are so close to. Thankfully, I have such wonderful memories of him, and of fun times together.  I just could not carry on without my memories!

Second, I am sad when my kids make poor decisions and choices. As a mother, I always feel my inadequacy at those times. 

It makes me sad when my friends and loved ones are sad, hurting or sick.

I am also sad when people judge others unfairly. 

I'm sad when my kids are left out of things, and when people don't show care to them.  I can survive when those things happen to me. But when they happen to my kids, it makes me super sad.

It makes me sad to think of being single for the rest of my life.  I'm such a people person, and I hate being alone.

I'm sad when people do bad things and get away with them. That's all I'm going to say on that subject, but trust me, it happens all the time (even today) and every single time, it makes me sad.

Okay.  Enough sad.  This isn't my favorite post, so I'll leave it at that.

Time for HAPPY! 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Blogger Challenge - Day 20 
 What Makes Me Happy?

What makes me happy? Well, there are a lot of ways that I could answer this question, but I'm just going to go with the first thing I thought of.

I am happy when I make someone else feel loved, happy, wanted. Does that sound odd? Let me explain.

There are so many, many times that I have felt unloved, or unwanted. Ignored. Left Out. And my kids have felt this exact same way. And I have seen this affect us in negative ways.

There are so many times when people go somewhere, or do something, or even have friends over, that we are left out, not invited. And not even thought of. 

And although I am certain that most of these times are not intentional, it still makes me unhappy. 

So, that being said, here is what makes me happy:

When someone calls, out of the clear blue, to invite me to do something fun.

When someone makes an effort towards my kids, whether it be texting them, or making room for them in their travels. 

Sometimes, it is simply someone making a little extra effort; showing a little care.

People, that is all it takes. A little effort, and not thinking of ourselves all the time.

Do you notice that I said "ourselves"? That is because I am just as guilty of these things as the next person is. We all get caught up in ourselves from time to time, and just don't think.

I want to think. I want to be that caring person. The one that remembers others out there that might feel left out. The one that includes them.

Because you know what really makes me happy? 

Making someone else feel happy. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Blogger Challenge - Day 19 - My Favorite Movie

They phrase this challenge in a way that indicates I will only have one favorite movie.  Are they crazy?  I am a child of the 80s. I have LOTS of favorite movies!!

First, and foremost, here is my ultimate, very favorite movie. Don't judge me. This is my own blog, remember? 

Grease 2

Following as a close 2nd...

The Breakfast Club 

And 3rd would definitely be...

Gone With The Wind

Oh man, I just love me some Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara! I wish they were real people and that I had known them back then.

And I just can't forget this one (remember, this is my blog... don't judge me):

Yes, this truly is a horrible acting movie. 
But oh my gosh. It is so funny. Hysterical!

Several more on my list of favorites are:


St. Elmo's Fire 

Pretty Woman (Classic... just classic)

Footloose (The original, but I really did love the re-make too) 

16 Candles

Now, don't get me wrong. I have several more recent favorites as well. I just love...


Pirates of the Caribbean (All of them. I can't help myself.) 

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 
(This is probably my favorite of this decade)

Star Wars... Every. Single. One. Of. Them.
(But I do have a weird attachment to Return of the Jedi the most) 

X-Men (Awesome!)

The Holiday


Okay. I'm going to stop now. I could go on and on, and I know I am missing some truly great ones that I just can't think of right now.

What are your favorites?

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Blogger Challenge - Day 18 - Pictures of Me

Terrific. Just what I wanted was to have to post pictures of myself. Lol. I really hate to have my picture taken!! 

Ugh.  As much as I really hated the "What's in your fridge" day, and was definitely not a fan of the "3 Healthy Habits" day, I dislike this one the most.

But, it's all about the challenge, so here goes...

Sorry for Sandy overload! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better challenge. I try not to look ahead so it will be a surprise for me. Every day, I can hardly wait to see what it is. Maybe tomorrow will be "Pictures of your pet" day!! Lol

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Blogger Challenge: Day 17:  My Favorite Blogs

I love blogs! I love to write this one, and I love to read other people's blogs. I have several favorites. Head's up... you might just recognize some of these!]

This is a blog that someone I know writes... Mariah Evans. Sound familiar? Now let me say that I don't really know Mariah. I just know of her. And what I know, I love. She truly has a way with words. This is probably my favorite blog.

I just love the Country Cook! She has the very best, easy recipes on her website. You should check her out for sure. You can also find her on Pinterest, or even just on my Pinterest page under the recipes... I'm kind of addicted to them.

Sienna Bernal is a primordial dwarf, and she has a twin sister that is normal size. They are both amazing people, and Sienna's blog is fantastic!

The Duggars. Need I say more? I just love this family!!

A great blog for coupons, deals, crafts, yummy recipes, etc. Check them out.

Cakes? Cookies? Cupcakes? Yum! This blog is delish!

A DIY blog with terrific ideas that you can really do.

Ree Drummond... The Pioneer Woman's blog. Oh my. So much good food!!


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Blogger Challenge - Day 16 
My Thoughts on Education

Oh friends. I have so many thoughts on education. So many

For the highlights:

1.  Thank The Lord that Common Core has been repealed here in          Oklahoma.

2.  Janet Baressi has got to go. Sooner, rather than later. Please vote      for Joy Hofmeister. Please.

3.  State testing standards are absolutely ridiculous. 

4.  Schools need more money. Period.

5.  There are terrific teachers out there.  I know this to be a fact.            We are so blessed at Ripley.

6.  Every school in Oklahoma, and anywhere else in Tornado Alley,      should have a safe room big enough for all their students and            faculty.

7.  If Michelle Obama's children had to eat the foods that her                Childhood Nutrition Act makes all the public school kids eat            (restricting the schools in what they can cook/serve), her girls          would go on a hunger strike until the Act was repealed.

Enough said. You can thank me now for stopping. I have lots more to say!

Blogger Challenge - Day 15 - Where will I be in 5 years??

Five years... wow. Who really knows? 

One thing I can say for sure... if I'm alive, I will be 48. Forty-Eight!!! Oh. My. Gosh. I absolutely cannot even imagine being 48 years old. I was just 20!

All that being said...

I can tell you where I hope to be in five years...

I hope to be more financially stable.
I hope to see my kids being responsible, happy adults.
I hope to be secure and confident in my job.
I hope to still be on the road to Heaven.
I hope to be healthy.
I hope I love salads more than chocolate.
I hope to be skinny.
I hope all of my relatives are healthy, happy and successful.
I hope I don't lose anyone else close to me.

And most of all...

I hope to be happy. No, happiness is a state of being that you choose. So, I will be happy!

Blogger Challenge - Day 14 
Three Healthy Habits

Well, I am behind. Waaayyyy behind. I missed day 14 and 15! Yikes! Well, life gets in the way sometimes. I am posting three today to catch up. (I can feel your joy now. Lol)

Three Healthy Habits. I'm assuming they are asking about 3 healthy habits that I actually have, right? Haha! Hmm...

Well, I can honestly say that #1 would be exercise. I know, I know. That is a dirty word. But, in the past 45 days or so, I have discovered that exercise comes in many shapes and forms, and different intensities too. You don't have to just kill yourself to work out. Any movement is better than none. So, that is my #1... Movement.

#2. I guess my number two would be... less pop. Haha! I know, I'm terrible. It should be no pop, but that is never, ever going to happen. So, I've been trying to drink less Diet Dr. Pepper. 

#3. For number three, I'm going to use a mental health habit I have. Or am working on. Lol. I am trying to be less OCD. I know being organized is a good thing, but when you are obsessed about how your ink pen is laying on your desk, or how straight your desk calendar is, well that is a different story. I don't want to be known as "that girl". LOL

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Blogger Challenge - Day 13 - What's inside your fridge?

I can't imagine why anyone would think this was a good blog post, but here goes. My fridge is always the worst. I am horrible about throwing away leftovers and old stuff.

Thankfully, today it isn't as bad as usual. Here's what is in my fridge:

Milk (still good, surprisingly)
Orange Juice (I NEVER have this, but today I have 2 containers of it... so weird)
Apple Juice
Chocolate Silk Soy Milk
Sparkling Apple Cider
Butter (well, margarine actually. Country Crock... yum!)
Eggs (6 count)
Chocolate Pudding
Cheese (lots and lots)
Crescent Rolls
Lunch Meat
Peanut Butter (best place to keep it!)
Ranch Dressing (Hidden Valley & Mazzio's... mmm...)
Jellies (only kept for company)
Dill Pickles
Green Olives
Ketchup (Hunts for the win!)
Mustard (Garden Club... best tasting mustard ever)
Mayo & Miracle Whip (mayo in stuff, mw on sandwiches)
Soy Sauce 
Parmesan Cheese
Salsa (Pace)
Hershey's Syrup
Lemon Juice (I think that is Felicia's that I need to take back?)
Hot Sauce & Jalepeno Peppers (for my sister)
Real Butter sticks (again, for my sister)
Sqeaky Ice Cream (that would be Spray Whipped Cream for people                                 that don't know Ann Fisher's little girl, Gracie)
and Teeth Whitening Gel!

and last but not least:

OLD Apples
OLD Chicken and Noodles
OLD Corn
OLD Cottage Cheese
OLD Cheese
OLD half empty water bottles
OLD half empty Diet Dr Pepper bottles
and OLD Mazzio's Ranch (haha, we have both new and old)

Not too bad this time!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Blogger Challenge - Day 12 - My favorite childhood book(s)

This is my kind of question!! I absolutely love to read. And I have been that way, ever since I can remember. I have read many, many books over the years, and my tastes have changed as I have grown. But, one thing that has always remained constant is my love for mysteries.

My very first "favorite" book that I can remember was:

I'm not sure this really qualifies as a mystery, but everyone wondered how the pancake came alive and where it ran off to! Haha! I still have this book. It is truly a childhood treasure.

The next book that I remember being my "favorite" is:

Oh my gosh. This is such a good book! If you never read it, you should read it now, as an adult. You will love it, even now.

The first "series" of books I fell in love with was:

Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House on the Prairie books

As I got a little older, I was completely, totally addicted to a couple of other series of books:

Nancy Drew books


Trixie Belden books

I read every single book, in both series, multiple times, and I lived for the day that I would find myself involved in a real mystery! LOL.

As an older teenager, I made my way through all of the "love" series, such as Sweet Valley High, First Love From Silhouette, and Danielle Steel's novels.

Now, as an adult, I've reverted back to mysteries, and truly love anything by Patricia Cornwell, Sue Grafton, Lillian Jackson Braun, J.D. Robb, Dorothy Gilman and Lawrence Block.  I'm still a sucker for some romance, and still read Danielle Steel to this day, along with Nora Roberts. I also love true crime novels, autobiographies and real-life drama/peril stories.

And oh yes, I can't leave out the Left Behind books. They really opened up the book of Revelation to me.

Okay, so in retrospect, I guess I didn't follow the directions on this one very carefully. It said childhood book. But I just couldn't resist sharing some other great ones. If you haven't read a good book lately, you should try it!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Blogger challenge - Day 11 - Ten Favorite Foods

Mmmm!! I just love today's challenge! That would probably be because I loooovvvveeee food! (I just wish it didn't love me as much back).

Ten favorite foods... I'm going to have a super hard time limiting it to ten, but here goes, in no particular order. I love them all the same.  Except for the first one. I love it the most!

1.   Peter Pan Peanut Butter (and yes, it HAS to be Peter Pan)
2.   Bean Burritos from Taco Bueno (with no sauce)
3.   Salmon Patties
4.   4-Cheese Tortellini from Johnny Carino's
5.   Chocolate Cake Doughnuts from Daylight Donut's in Sapulpa
6.   Homemade Macaroni & Cheese (made with cheddar cheese)
7.   Popcorn Shrimp from Red Lobster (with the garlic biscuits!)
8.   Felicia's Peanut Butter Sheet Cake
9.   Fish & Chips from Iver's Fish Market in Seattle
10. Olives - Black & Green

And even though it said 10, I had to add an 11 and 12.  I just couldn't leave these off:

11. Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas 
12. Lori's Lasagna

And, last but not least, even though it isn't a food, it is still a consumable thing:  Diet Dr. Pepper, glorious Diet Dr. Pepper!! 


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Blogger Challenge - Day 10 - Best Trip Ever

My best trip ever... hmm. I've had some really great trips in my life. I have 5 that I would qualify for "best trip", but instead of "ever", I'm going to say "so far" because I really, really want to travel more!

First, back when I was 19, me, my mom and my dad went on a 17 day trip up the East coast with Jaylee (Fowler) Noss and her parents, Bill and Phyllis Fowler. We went to Gatlinburg, Nashville, Washington D.C., New York City, Rhode Island, the White Mountains in New Hampshire, Plymouth Rock, Niagra Falls, and many more places. It was such a wonderful trip, and we had so much fun with them. We even got to take a helicopter ride! I have lots of pictures from then, and the memories are forever burned into my memory, and I will always cherish that time that our families spent together. 

Another time, my mom, my aunt and I went to New York City at Christmastime... just to SHOP! It was truly wonderful. I am a city girl at heart, and NYC is my favorite one of all. We went to 2 Broadway shows, the Tavern on the Green, took a carriage ride, stayed in the Times Square Marriott, and SHOPPED! So. Much. Shopping. Great memories!

Another trip I was blessed to take with my parents was down South. We went to Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Georgia. We saw the Gulf of Mexico, and found lots of outlet malls to shop at. Mom and I shopped, while Dad "people watched", which was one of his favorite hobbies.

Every time we went to the Colorado camp outs was a terrific time in my life. The year I was 20 was the best Colorado trip ever. I got to ride out there with friends, which made it even better. Good times! 

And, last, but definitely not least, 2 years ago, I was blessed to be able to take my kids to Los Angeles, Hollywood and Malibu Beach. We stayed at the Hollywood Hotel, saw all the landmarks, toured a movie studio, and Sheridan even got to meet Sophia Bush, who played Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill. It was a terrific trip and I'm so thankful we had that time together. 

I'm not very good at these challenges, am I? I was supposed to pick one trip, but there was just no way I could leave out any of these. Be thankful I'm stopping at this point, because I've been lots of other places! 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Sorry for blog post overload, but I had to post this one for Kelly. I did a color walk, just for you tonight! Obviously, my color was pink. And wow. Pink was really hard. Other than the obvious pink...




You can thank me now. I could have posted 18 pictures of pink flowers. Yes, 18. But I won't!

Here are a couple of other pink things I found:

Pink Finger (oops!)

Pink eyes and Pink ears!

Pink horseshoe flower 

Pink collar 

Pink birdhouse (this is the back side) 

Pink frisbee 

And that is it! Not much pink out there tonight. But, in honor of my random photos that I like to take, here's one for you (but it isn't pink):

Check out how long and skinny my legs look in my shadow! Woo Hoo! I'm loving it!!

Happy Pink Day Kelly (and everyone else!)