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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Yes. Exactly.

No offense, but you know what I don't want to be known as?

A good example. A strong person.

What? Does that not make sense to you? Let me try to explain...

No one can possibly imagine the pressure that comes along with being known as a "good example". No one.

I want to be known for ME. Not for what my circumstances have made me. I want to be known for being a happy, friendly person. I want people to be happier when they encounter me than they were before they saw me.

When we part, I absolutely don't want their thoughts to be, "Wow. Sandy is such a good example. She is so strong."

I would rather their thoughts be more along the lines of, "Wow. It was so good to see Sandy. She is so pleasant to be around and always makes me feel good."

Now, I realize that being known as that kind of girl comes along with pressure too. But it is a completely different kind of pressure. It is pressure I choose. Not pressure that others bestow upon me. It is freeing...

Too many times, I have thought of others as "strong women" and "good examples" too. Those poor women. I wish I had thought of them as themselves instead.

Because I am ME. Sandy. The girl who truly likes to make others feel good and be happy. The person that tries to be optimistic, even when she is feeling crappy. Someone who is a good worker, and tries to be a good friend. The gal who is always telling on herself and putting funny things on Facebook about herself. The Mom who tries as hard as she can to teach her kids the right ways. The Mama Bear who would do anything to protect her children.

I don't want to be known as Sandy, the divorced woman that has to be a good example and always keeps her head up and is strong

Because that is just too much pressure, and it makes me feel like a failure...

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