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Saturday, August 9, 2014

I lost a piece of my childhood today...

Have you ever heard that Miranda Lambert song, "The House That Built Me"? Here is a link to it... you should listen to it...

It pretty much sums up how I have been feeling all day.

My Dad always told a story, and I think it is pretty appropriate for this day... the day we moved Mom out of "Their" house and into a new home.  Here it is:

Dad worked at the AT&T microwave station in Mounds, OK for many, many years.  During his drive to work, he would always notice a house that was on the way.  When Dad first began working there, a young couple moved into this house.  After a few years, Dad saw that they had a child.  And in the next several years, a couple more children were born to the couple.  As time went on, Dad watched those little kids grow up, first into older kids, then into teenagers.  The day came that he saw them leave home, one by one. As the years went on, the couple grew old, and first one, and then the other passed on. No one came to the little house anymore. Eventually, someone bought the land and tore the house down. The land sat there for several years, with the wheat fields growing up in place of the home. After a while, you couldn't tell that there had ever been a house there. One day, Dad noticed that a dozer was there, clearing the land.  A couple of weeks later, he saw that a new home was being built in the same spot that the little house had stood.  Eventually, the home was finished, another young couple moved in, and it all began again.  Dad realized that life had come full circle.

Every time Dad would talk about this story, he would always end it with, "Life goes on".

And so it does.  As I sit here engulfed in memories of my childhood home and the life that we lived there, I realize... Life really does go on.

I'm thankful for the House That Built Me...

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