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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My Dad moved in with me today...

Wait... what? 

Okay, so we all know he really didn't. But, a lot of his stuff did... and I know a little part of him is in every piece of it.

I know his sweat must have been on every one of his tools...

From the drill bits in the small cases, to the saws in the large cases, from the screwdrivers on the peg board to the nails in the peanut butter jars... his sweat was there.

I know his heart was in the tool belt that he loved...

along with the binoculars that he used to watch his beloved birds.

And I'm positive his pain and tears were there when I put up his little bull horns. 

Man, he loved those things. They were on the front of his little white truck when he had that bad wreck, years ago, and broke his leg.

I know he was smiling when I brought his lovely "Dolly" into the house. 

She was always his favorite singer.

It is bittersweet though. I'd sure rather have him here with me, than to have all of this stuff. But I am thankful to have little pieces of him still here.  Every time I go into the garage, and see anything that was his, it will remind me, once again, of the wonderful Dad that I was blessed with in this life... not that I need reminding, but I'm glad to have them, nonetheless. 

I miss you Dad! Gone, but never forgotten.

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