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Friday, July 26, 2013

Grandma's House...


                                                         In Memory of Grandma Nellie

My Grandparents passed away before I was ever married. When I married Bob, his Grandparents took me in and treated me like I was their own. It didn't matter what the situation was, they were always fair, and often times would choose my side over his. I absolutely loved them for it. 

When Grandma got sick, I was so very happy to help care for her until her passing. What a great loss it was to our family...

Sometimes little things make us remember our loved ones, and bring back happy memories. This happened recently in our home.

Grandma LOVED her grandchildren. Whenever any of us would come over, she delighted in cooking for us.  She always bought this certain brand of chicken strips, and our kids thought her chicken and fries were the best ever. They were right!

Recently, I had the opportunity to buy the same chicken strips that she used to. As I was cooking the chicken and french fries, I was thinking how good it smelled. S walked through the kitchen, took a big sniff, and said, "It smells like Grandma's house". Right then, I was transported back in time, sitting at the bar, while she cooked up chicken and fries for us, her grandkids. 

It made me smile... and miss her, once again. I am very, very blessed to have known such a woman in my life. And very thankful for small memories that mean so very, very much.


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