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Friday, July 19, 2013

My Fabulous Trash Guy 


I'm just saying... I have the BEST trash guy out there. I am not kidding. His truck is equipped with the arm that comes out and grabs the can and dumps it, without any effort from him at all. However, that guy is the darndest. If I forget to put my can at the curb, if he can see it, he will get out of his truck, walk all the way up my drive, get the cart and take it down to his truck. See?? SO NICE! 

Well, I really try hard not to take advantage of his niceness (is that a word?). I try to remember to put my can out every week. However... the other day, I forgot. And my can was NOT in eyesight. 

I awoke to the sound of my guy honking his horn at my driveway to see if I was going to bring the cart down. In the few seconds that it took for my brain to process the situation, he started to pull away. Well, I was getting ready for a yard sale and REALLY needed that trash dumped. 

So, I FLEW out of bed, ran outside, grabbed the cart and starting chasing the truck down the street. About half way to his truck I realized... I was in my shortie nightgown. With wild, crazy hair. Without shoes. And worse? Without a bra. OMG.

I guess at this point, he had sized up the situation. He jumped out of his truck, held up his hand and yelled, "STOP! GO BACK IN THE HOUSE! I'VE GOT THIS!"

He looked mortified. I was a hot mess. So, I meekly said, "thanks so much" and darted back inside my house! WHAT WAS I THINKING?? 

The poor, poor trash guy. I just knew I'd scarred him for life. I thought I might have a different trash guy after that. But thankfully, the next week, here he came! I dashed out (this time fully clothed), and gave him a new package of cookies with a thank you note. He seemed happy, like all was good. I know I must have given him a belly laugh the week before. I'm hoping this time I put a different kind of smile on his face!! 


  1. Hola! You can only hope that he hadn't had his first cup of coffee that morning!