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Sunday, December 15, 2013

I have always hated to have my picture made. Okay, well, that isn't exactly true. Since being over-weight, I have hated to have my picture taken. So, I avoid cameras like the plague. And if by chance my photo actually does get taken, I almost never post it... and pray that no one tags me in theirs.

Yesterday, I bit the bullet and posted a family picture of my kids and I. Why? Why did I decide to post now? Here's why:

When my Dad passed away, we went through tons of pictures, looking to make memorial boards to display. What I found was, when Dad was younger and thinner, we had lots of pictures of him. As he got older, and gained some weight, he was reluctant to have his picture taken. Most of the time, he found himself behind the camera instead of in front of it. Hmm... this sounds strangely familiar. 

Also, I recently saw a blog post about family pictures. Awesome post. You really, really should take the time to read it.

That blog post completely changed my way of thinking. Have you ever felt too fat, too old, too tired, too out-of-style? Have you thought you had a weird nose, eyes, teeth? Double chin? Bad hair day?

Yep. I just described every single picture I see of myself. And you know what? That isn't going to change. I'm still going to see the weight, the wrinkles, the bad hair, bad clothes, weird teeth.

But now... I'm going to take them anyway. And also, I'm going to post them anyway

Because someday, I won't be here anymore. Someday, parts of my family will be forever gone, like my Dad. I wish, wish, wish that I had taken a picture with my Dad in the last few months he lived, no matter how awful I thought I looked. I have pictures of him from that time, just not with him. And that truly, is my loss... one that I will forever regret.

So here are a couple of pictures that I should have posted before. You know the worst part? I have none with just my daughter. None! And that would be my own fault. I've passed on the "don't like to be photographed" gene to my kids. Oh my gosh. I will remedy that ASAP. I'm tired of living life behind the lens because of weight. And wrinkles. I'm done. Bring on the photos!

Me and Wade last night @ the Christmas Dinner, 2013

Wade, Me and Sheridan at the Hollywood Bowl, 
Summer 2012

Wade, Me and Sheridan, shopping on Rodeo Drive, 
Hollywood, CA, Summer 2012

Bob, Wade and Me @ Wade's graduation, May 2012 
(We may not be married anymore, 
but he is a product of the two of us!)

Me, Wade and Sheridan, December 2013

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