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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sophie. Oh, Sophie. She looks all cute and innocent doesn't she? I know, right? Well, guess what? She is also lonely... apparently.

The other day, after I went to work, Sophie must have decided that she was lonely, or bored, and so she brought a little friend in through our cat door.

Sheridan woke first, and heard something rustling around in the kitchen. Something that was NOT Sophie. Did she get up to find out what it was? Umm... NO. She guessed that it was a SQUIRREL (wouldn't that be just awful??) and decided to just go back to sleep instead. Haha! Gee, thanks, Sher.

Next, the sound woke Wade up. He was braver than his sister, so he got up to investigate. He found...


Cute, but unfortunate. There was bird poop everywhere. Ugh. But, thankfully, it wasn't a squirrel... or a raccoon... or a skunk. Yikes!

Wade opened all the doors, and after a few tries, the bird flew outside. Whew!

When I came home, the kids were full of stories, telling me all about Sophie and her bird. A little later, I went into my bathroom and found...


Now, either that bird that Wade let out lost a whole bunch of feathers before it was let out, OR... this is the murder scene of bird #2... that has either been completely eaten, or has been hidden under my bed. ICK. So far, no smell, so I'm assuming it is gone. But, with the way my luck goes... I'm not counting my (birds) just yet...

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