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Sunday, December 22, 2013


Woo Hoo! Happy Dance!

Okay, no, that isn't me. But maybe by next year I'll be brave enough to post my own pants, on me. But, I'm still thrilled... they fit!

Wait. Why is this so exciting? These are the same pants that I normally wear...

It could be that I'm happy I haven't gained any weight over the holidays so far. 

Or, it could be that I've "put on my big girl pants and dealt with it".

But, no, it's neither of those things. It's because...

I didn't have to lay on the bed to button them! And, I didn't have to use pliers to zip them!

Haha! Okay, so the pliers part is because the zipper is kind of broken, not because they were that tight. Oh, they were tight, but not that bad.(But that leads to the question... why is the zipper kind of broken? Ugh.)

And as for the laying on the bed part? Totally, completely true. But not because they are the skin tight, show everything you've got, kind of tight. Just the stupid waistband... because of my stupid waist.

But, not today! Yippee! Merry Christmas to me!

Just remember...

These show you what a pound of fat looks like size-wise

And here is what a real pound of fat looks like!

Yuck! I sure don't want to add any more of that this Christmas. I'll let you know how that works for me...

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