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Monday, June 16, 2014

Blogger Challenge - Day 22 - My Bad Habits

Bad habits? Why, I don't have any bad habits! 

Umm... okay. Yes, I do. Too many of them. Lol

Why must these challenges make me tell all my bad faults?! Oh well... by the time I get finished with this 30 day challenge, you guys will know way too much about me. Haha!

So, bad habits.

Yep. My #1 is my biggest one. So big, in fact, that it deserved a picture. Diet Dr. Pepper. Man, I just love this stuff! I know, I know, it is bad for me. It will kill me. You know what though? We are all going to die of something, when it is our time to go. So, until then... I'M DRINKING THIS STUFF!

Some other bad habits of mine: 

Biting my fingernails (yuck!)
Pulling out eyebrow hairs and eyelashes (dumb!)
Picking at the dead skin on my feet (have I grossed you out yet?)
Organizing things without being able to control myself (OCD much?)
Being on the computer too much (can you tell?)
Criticizing myself and focusing on my negative points
Eating too many sweets and TOO MUCH PEANUT BUTTER!

Okay. That's enough for now. Nobody will like me if I continue. LOL :)

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