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Friday, June 27, 2014

Well... for a year a and half, I have worked two jobs. In some ways, it had been awesome. I needed a distraction in my life. I needed something to keep my mind busy. 

Now, I'm ready for a new direction. As of next Wednesday, I will only have one job again! Yippee! Hooray! Yee Haw!

Can you tell I'm excited? As much as I have loved my second job, I'm ready to have my evenings free again. I'm ready to keep my laundry done up. I'm ready to clean my own house. I'm ready to COOK DINNER AGAIN! Haha! Life pretty much just stopped when I started working in the evenings (sorry kids!). It's time for a change.

Not long ago, I moved to a different job at the school as well. So there are changes all over the place in my life. Good changes. Positive changes. It's a good feeling.

If you stop by the school to see me, you'll find me in the Administration office now. You know, the one with the "flag on the door". I'm thrilled to still be with my friends at the school, yet loving my new position.

As I look forward to having some free time, it makes me want to go on vacation!! 

How about a Road Trip?

Or a beach somewhere?

Or, let's travel the world!!

Okay, so I realize that isn't going to happen any time soon, but it does make me want to.

So, in anticipation of the day that I will be able to travel, here is a great idea I found:

Basically, you travel. And when you get to a place you've never been before, you take a picture. Then, cut it in the shape of the state/country/island, and paste it on your map. 

I so plan on doing this!

All that being said, I leave you with this thought:

Someday friends.... someday.

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