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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Blogger Challenge: Day 17:  My Favorite Blogs

I love blogs! I love to write this one, and I love to read other people's blogs. I have several favorites. Head's up... you might just recognize some of these!]

This is a blog that someone I know writes... Mariah Evans. Sound familiar? Now let me say that I don't really know Mariah. I just know of her. And what I know, I love. She truly has a way with words. This is probably my favorite blog.

I just love the Country Cook! She has the very best, easy recipes on her website. You should check her out for sure. You can also find her on Pinterest, or even just on my Pinterest page under the recipes... I'm kind of addicted to them.

Sienna Bernal is a primordial dwarf, and she has a twin sister that is normal size. They are both amazing people, and Sienna's blog is fantastic!

The Duggars. Need I say more? I just love this family!!

A great blog for coupons, deals, crafts, yummy recipes, etc. Check them out.

Cakes? Cookies? Cupcakes? Yum! This blog is delish!

A DIY blog with terrific ideas that you can really do.

Ree Drummond... The Pioneer Woman's blog. Oh my. So much good food!!


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