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Monday, April 28, 2014

E Day... Day 7:

For something that has been so enjoyable, today was a killer.  Absolutely exhausting.  (Get it? Exhausting?) My legs hurt. My back hurt. My feet hurt. And it rained on me. Waaahhh!!! (I'm crying... can't you hear me?!)

But, onward and upward.  Let me tell you, E was a hard one to locate. Super hard! However, even through the rain, I persevered and found some Es:

Extension Ladder

Electric Lines  

Evergreen Tree 


Edge (This is very easy to fall off of... trust me, I know this.) 

I'm not sure exactly what this is, but it has an E on it (Lol. Desperate times call for desperate measures) 

Half of an Eggshell 


I know these aren't really what they are called, but my Daddy always said these were "Porcupine Eggs" 

Elephant Ears (thank you, Karla) 

A friend of mine named Edward lives here 


And last but not least... Eeyore!! (He is a donkey, after all, and I did make him bluish purple...)

Happy Day 7... E Day.  Thank the good Lord that the wind was much more pleasant today.  Here's hoping that tomorrow is a much more pleasant walk.  I need to keep my motivation and spirits up. I really, really want to make exercise a true habit, that I just do without having to force myself!!

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