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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Let's play a game! Tonight's walking theme was to see how many animals I could find on my walk.  Now, in theory, that is great.  But, let me remind you that #1.  I live in town. In a neighborhood.  and #2.  People think you are strange if they see you taking pictures of their house, yard or pet.

That being said, my pictures are all far, far away.  An iphone isn't the best option for far away pictures, but I figured someone might call the cops if I walked around with a real camera snapping pics of their stuff.

So, here are the pics I took.  Who can find all the animals? And what are they?

An owl

A rabbit

My neighbor's cute Dachshund

A red bird in the bath and a bunny

A monkey! What?


A duck... quack!

A ring-taled... something!

A super cute Benji dog

Puppy on the porch

Camo cat

Dog that thought he was pretty tough barking at me!


Another bunny

There's a little black dog climbing the steps

Goose... thankfully not a real one... they hate me and chase me every time!

A... buffalo!

The Frog Prince

Mr. Turtle

This walking project is pretty fun! I just about couldn't wait to get out and get started.  Anybody want to join me at your own house? 

And finally, what a sight to come home to...waiting just exactly where I left her an hour before.

Miss Sophie Sue

And boy, she was soooo happy to see me :)

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