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Saturday, April 12, 2014

T.H.E.   F.R.E.E.Z.E.R.    My nemesis.

Sometimes your organization just doesn't work...

I tried.  I really did.  If you look closely, you can see some blue bins in there, boxes grouped together on the top shelf, and... brown (Becca?) boxes. What?

Today my mission was to figure out a different method of organizing my freezer.  Now, I should point out, that I did not intend on defrosting the freezer today. (Now you won't think I'm a total slacker when I post my after pics with frost!)

Here is what it started like... 

Same picture as above. 

 I really thought this was pretty organized!

 Door before.

  Not only is this unorganized, but look at all the space that was wasted!

This is our "Meat" shelf.  

 Brown boxes that you can't see through... really? I know better than that!

Potato Shelf and Leftover Shelf.  

Ugh. Just Ugh.

And so it began.  I took everything out, and grouped like items together.  Ugh. That part was truly no fun.  Guess what I found?  Meat.  Old, freezer-burnt meat.  That I paid good money for. 

Into the trash... money just wasted. (Side note:  check out the laundry hamper that I re-purposed as the garage trash can.)

It looked disgusting.

Check out that expiration date!

Some of it was almost 2 years old. WHY DO I DO THAT???!!! 

Then I (drug? dragged?) got out my plastic bins. Thank goodness somebody invented those.  Then I made a plan:

  • 1st Shelf:  Breakfast and Frozen Lunch meals
  • 2nd Shelf:  Cooked/Ready to Eat meat in one bin, uncooked meat in another bin
  • 3rd Shelf:  Potatoes & Pasta (Don't judge... we love our carbs!!)
  • 4th Shelf:  Leftovers, including desserts & breads (again... CARBS!)
  • Door:  Veggies, Breads, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Cool Whip, Ice Cream & Lunch Meat
I wish I had taken a picture when I had it all strung out.  You wouldn't believe how much food I had/have crammed in there.

That being said, the after pics really can't look any emptier, because I did not go on a mass cooking or eating spree (thank goodness) while I was cleaning it out, but by golly, I'm going to start cooking it up.  This is ridiculous.

Here is the (better) organized freezer:

Remember, there is still a whole bunch of stuff in there.

At least it is by categories and no wasted space now.  (Anybody see the Velveeta cheese containers I use everywhere? Lol)  Those two small shelves are practically WORTHLESS without some kind of container.

Shelf 1. (Top part of picture... and DON'T LOOK at all the frost.)

Shelves 2 & 3. (Obviously we love potatoes, Blue & Gold sausage... and frost. Glorious frost.)

Left over shelf (and the really ugly bottom of the freezer that lost its kick plate years ago).

Done for now.  The defrosting will come another day.  Is is great?  No, not so much.  Is it better?  Definitely!

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