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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"F Day"...

You know the movie Frozen? (Duh, doesn't everybody?). Well, I was feeling pretty frozen while out on my walk. Yikes!! And guess what just happened to be playing on my ipod when I began my walk in the frigid air?  Yep. "Let It Go". Well, I let it go alright. I walked super fast today! Brrr!

That could explain why almost all my pictures today are blurry. I was either moving fast, shaking, or both. Haha! And just as I was finding out there are all sorts of F things out there, my phone died. Bummer! I missed getting a picture of a fern, a Ford and a feather. Oh well. I guess I'll survive.

Here are my F things:

(Bonus!) Flag & Flag Pole


Triple Play! Field, Fence & Fence Post 

Flower Bed (This is for you, Sheree) 

For Sale 


 Squirrel Feeder (no food!)

Fountain (no water!) 

 Fire Hydrant

 Some kind of Fir Tree... Douglas, maybe?

On the plus side, my body didn't hurt today, and it wasn't hard physically to make myself go walking.  Yay! Maybe this is becoming a habit after all...

Tomorrow is G... can't wait!

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