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Friday, April 25, 2014

Well, I made it 4 days in a row now.  I am very impressed with myself.  Today was "B" Day. Needless to say, when you google "B Day", you get... naturally... birthday.

So, apparently, today is "my birthday". Lol. I will take it, as long as there are presents, and no extra years attached to it ;)

Okay.  Here are my B pictures.  There are some expected ones like branches, but then just wait until you get closer to the end.  There are some super unexpected ones.  Especially the last one!





 Bark (I think Birch Bark!)


Twofer:  Bricks and Barbed Wire:

 Another deuce:  Brick Border:




 Bridal Veil Spirea (I think!)


 Basketball Goal:


Bird Bath:




 Bonus again:  Boxwood Bushes:


 A different kind of Bag:

 Barn (Remember, I live in town... in a neighborhood?)

 Blue Door (Love this!)

 Best duo pic:  Bicycle and Big Wheel:

 Bird Feeder:

 And.... BURROS! Oh my gosh! I was so excited!

 This little guy was so friendly! Totally made my day!

 And... saving the best for last... a bottom! a butt! a behind! A bedonkadonk! (I could go on forever)

Bwahahahaha!!!! Happy "B" Day :)

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