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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I came home from work tonight, tired, knowing that I had laundry and dishes that needed done, and plopped down in my chair to watch tv.  But for some reason, I just could not get into my normal routine.  I didn't even open my laptop.  My mind just kept saying, "go for a walk!"  Well, if you keep hearing something over and over in your head, eventually you go crazy or listen to it. So, for the sake of my sanity, I went for a walk!

But oh, how I truly do not like to exercise.  AT ALL.  So, I started looking around for motivation to keep going.  The first thing I noticed was how one of my neighbors was Pinterest in real life! 

I think I even pinned this. Lol. Save those coffee cans people. Plants don't care if they still smell like coffee (Yes, I am preaching to myself here).

As I came to the corner, something just told me to go around a different way than I normally do, so I took off in a new direction.  A little farther on, I found this:

Such a cute little... bench? House? Something. Super cute!  A couple of houses farther down, I found more Pinterest in action:

They made a rain barrel for their down spout so they can water all those irises they have. So smart!

Next, I found a really innovative boy.  This is hard to see, because I was pretty scared to let him know I was taking his picture.  I was afraid he would think, "Stranger Danger!" But, I just had to take it anyway...

He was walking his dog by skateboarding along beside it.  That dog was having the time of its life, and the boy was having a blast too.  I love it!  And apparently this kitty did too, because she was watching them out the window.

Around the next block, I found this sign in someone's yard.  I thought it was really random, until I noticed the tracks in the yard behind it!

Those tracks lead nowhere... yet obviously someone thought it would be cool to drive there... probably more than once for the sign to have been put there!

And finally, as I rounded the last block, of the area that I have never walked before, I was thinking about how I'd had the song "Help Is On The Way" in my head all day, and I began to consider this. One of the lines that just jumped out at me is, "Help can't come tomorrow, if you give up today."  I've been feeling pretty... weighted down lately. There are days that I just think, "something has got to give".  And just as I was feeling that despair, yet again, I found this:

Friends. Do you know what this is? Do you recognize the meaning this has for me? A heart. A random, natural occurring heart. This wasn't something that was just dropped. This is embedded in the asphalt. On a street that I have never walked on before. Ever. It is a round light of some sort. That has been broken.  Into the shape of a heart. Wow. Help is on the way.

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