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Thursday, April 17, 2014

So... remember my last post about cleaning out my freezer?  Let me just reiterate a couple of things.  I cleaned out the freezer.  I threw a whole bunch of old meat into the garage trash can.  Our trash doesn't get picked up until today.  We have raccoon visitors often.  Well... that leads us to today's post.

I got home last night about 7:45.  As I start to pull in the driveway, I notice something sticking out from under my garage door. (I always leave the door up a bit for my kitty to come and go.)
I keep looking at it (from inside my car because, well, it looks really gross) and I just cannot figure out what it is.  It looks like a body part.  Like a human liver.  Or lung.  Or something...

I finally gather the courage to get out of my car and check it out.  And I still can't figure out what it is.  So, I get a shovel and scoop it up.  Once I get it close to my face (really, who would stick it in their face?) I can tell exactly what it is.  Roast.  Old roast that I threw away out of the deep freeze last week.  Roast that a raccoon has gotten out of the trash, unwrapped it completely, gnawed on it, and left it for dead (pun intended).

Thank goodness! I was much happier to discover old meat than a human body part. So much happier.  That being said... what must my neighbors think? Lol. You could definitely see it from the road.  Hmm... what exactly is happening over at the Jasper's house??

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