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Sunday, November 10, 2013

DAY 10: My "Soul Sister"... Shelley Ellis...

Have you ever been lucky enough to have that one friend, who is always there for you, no matter what, with no judgement? At all? That person that you may not see or talk to for a long time, but once you get back together, everything is just like it was? It seems like the time just falls away and you are "back"? Well, I am that lucky. That blessed. Shelley and I have always been friends. Always. I'm sure I knew her from the day she was born (although I can't possibly remember that). Every memory I have of her family includes her. We have always been stuck like glue. From staying nights at each other's house, to terrifying her with "my chicken", to her willingness to eat ANYTHING because I told her it was yummy, to sharing secrets, sharing the planning of our weddings, sharing our early married lives, to our subsequent divorces, to now sharing our single-mom lives, there is nothing that can separate us. Nothing. Because we are soul-sisters. And you can't break that kind of bond. I love you Shelley!

                                                               Childhood best friends...

                                                       Shelley as a beautiful Senior in 1992

                                                             And as a beautiful adult...

                                                    Us last year at an OU Football game

  And as adult best friends last night at the movies

I can't help but link this song... the words aren't completely appropriate (it is a guy, singing for a girl), but the sentiment is there!

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