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Monday, November 18, 2013

DAY 18: Today, I am thankful I can walk... and run (not gracefully or fast, mind you)... and dance (although I have zero dancing skills)... and climb... and simply get up and down out of my chair. 

Last year, I volunteered to help our FCCLA work the Juke Joint Jog.

I made a statement to my daughter, that although I was there, simply as a helper, that the next year (2013) I would be running in it. Well, the best laid plans are ALWAYS subject to a higher power. That night, as we went back into the school to put some things away, I slipped on the wet floor and went down. Hard. The consensus of our coaches was that I had torn my MCL (interior ligament). I could not put any weight on that knee at all. 

Slowly, day by day, that knee healed.  But it is weak, and probably will always be. You know, it is funny, but when I could exercise, I had no desire to. And now that I can't... I want to really bad. But, it is what it is... as Mama June (Honey Boo Boo's mom) says! And, I ate my words. I was at the JJJ again this year... again, as a helper, not a runner.

Although it is sore, almost every day, and I'm sure I'll have arthritis in that knee before I'm very old, I am so thankful to be able to get around normally. I won't ever be an athlete at this rate, but hopefully I will always be able to walk... and dance... in the rain.

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