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Saturday, November 9, 2013

DAY 9...

Today I am thankful for... Sleeping in...
  (This is me, sleeping in. Okay, so it isn't me, but surely that's what I look like, right?)

And... Saturdays!
                    (Okay, so this isn't me either. Or wait, maybe it is...)

Saturdays are my very favorite. Mainly, because I absolutely love to sleep in. I am a night owl, so I stay up late every single night, rarely going to bed before midnight or even 1:00 am. I have to get up early during the week, so I live for my Saturdays when I can sleep in... at least a little. I also love Saturdays because I can bum around in yoga pants or shorts and t-shirts, run errands, clean house, watch some OU football, etc. without having to get ready, fix my hair, or even take a shower if I don't want to (don't judge me!).

And then... after chilling all day, Saturday night comes, which also happens to be my favorite. Sometimes it is movie night, sometimes it is baking night, but this time, it is... 

Oh yeah, my very favorite! Happy Sleeping in Saturday everyone!!

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