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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Day 26: Today, I am thankful for modern technology!

Wow! What a blessing to be able to live in this generation of technology. When I was a kid, computers had just stepped into the consumer market. We had one of the old 386s. Talk about a dinosaur!

This is pretty much what it looked like, although this one here is much better than what I had... it is a 486. And it doesn't have the slot for the huge floppy disk. This one has the slot for the much better, smaller, harder disk. Haha! It totally cracks me up. I remember Mom and I spending hours on this thing, playing "Oregon Trail". I can still remember the feeling of accomplishment when she won the whole game! 

I know it has been a blessing for me to grow up in this ever-changing technological world. We went from that ^^^ to this:

 I love my Dell Laptop!

And yes, I love my iPhone 4s... although I'm anxious to upgrade to the 5c..5s... whatever is out by then.

And along with those came printers, faxes, scanners, great gaming systems, HD television, high speed internet, and wi-fi (along with lots of other cool things). There are way too many aspects of technology for me to touch on all of them here. There is no way. So for now, I'll just say that my favorite is the World Wide Web.

The internet. I just love the internet! You can literally do/find anything on there. 

My job at school revolves around an internet program (student information, gradebook, email). My entertainment revolves around the internet (Facebook, Pinterest, iTunes, Pandora). My "at-home functionality" (how to repair things, grow things, cook things, bake things, clean things) revolves around the internet. My social life is made better by the internet (restaurant reviews, movies playing, concert tickets). My good grammar and spelling are kept in check by and I shop the internet on a regular basis, often finding things that are impossible to find in a regular store. I can find you any phone number, any time by using Even this little blog revolves around the www. 

I know there are people who are still "unplugged". They don't have smart phones. They don't have laptops. They don't search the internet. And that is okay. But, as for me? I'll keep on surfing, and enjoying every minute of it!

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