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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

DAY 12:  Today I am thankful for ...

Many times in my life, I have needed prayer RIGHT THEN. And I have known FOR SURE that I had people that would stop what they were doing and pray, no questions asked. Yesterday, I stood in need. And I asked. And my prayer warriors interceded to God for my little kitty. And God answered. Today she is so much better, and I feel like she will be okay. Time after time, I have asked for prayers for things. Sometimes they were really important things, like for my kids, or financial issues, or for heartache. Other times, it was just for things I was stressed about, like having patience, or getting my lawn mower fixed. But no matter what the issue was, or how silly and minor my request was, those praying people have always came through for me. And for them, I will always be thankful.

There is a song that we sing in church. I'm sure I will get some of the lyrics wrong, but it fits here perfectly:

Praying People

1) Victory came this morning,
The sun was shining in.
 I felt my burdens lifted, 
 I felt sweet peace within.
Somewhere somebody's praying,
Lord, I know they're touching you.
I can feel the Holy Spirit,
And I know they're praying through.

You put me on the hearts
Of praying people.
They saw my face, 
And felt my pain,
And it brought them to their knees.
They prayed in faith believing,
Old Satan had to flee.
My cup is over-flowing,
And now my life is full.
Lord, you put me on the hearts
Of praying people.

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