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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Shallow post alert! LOL

DAY 13: Today I am thankful for (don't judge me!)...

As a busy, single mom, I miss out on SO MUCH that is going on with my friends and family. But, no matter how much I miss, I can always log on when I get home and catch up with everyone. 

I have also been able to re-connect with many people from my past. From friends from Sapulpa High School, to childhood neighbors, to church friends, I have loved getting back in touch with so many people.

I've heard about their babies, baptisms, weddings, home lives, activities, children, school things, sorrows, losses, joys and happy things. Call me shallow, say what you want, but I LOVE IT. I realize, that like most things in life, we can use social media for the bad. But I appreciate it for all of the good things, and I am thankful for every status update,

(Lots of things on my mind... you wouldn't want to know them all!)

every picture, 

             No, I don't really know this person... random internet image :)

every post that you guys have put on there... even the crazy giraffe game, 

                        (I loved it, not going to lie.)
the spam, 

and those annoying game requests.

All of those things together make up Facebook & Pinterest, the two social media sites that I love!

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