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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day 3:

Today (as every day), I am thankful for my Daddy. You know, anyone can be a father. That is the law of nature. But it takes someone special to be a Dad. And let me tell you, my Dad was sooo special. 

When I was little, he would lay on his side in the floor, and let me lay on top of him. I would call it "My Daddy Bed". I would lay there for hours, watching tv. I'm sure he got so tired of it, but he never complained. Never. Because he loved me, plain and simple.

As I got older, we spent so much time together. Both my sister and my brother got married when I was 11 years old. After that, it was just me and my parents. Dad took me all over the place with him. I loved to go to his office with him, to the dump with him, out to eat with him, or even simply riding in his truck with him. Dad was so fun-loving. He loved to laugh, and make other people laugh.

Dad was always willing to give me his time. And his hard work. Every time I moved into a different house, he was always right there, helping us move, installing ceiling fans, new light fixtures, shower heads, faucets, etc. He built me clothing racks for my yard sales. He trimmed my trees. He fixed my plumbing, time and time again. He hauled stuff for me in his truck. It didn't matter what my want/need was, he would try his best to fulfill it... because he loved me. Because he was my Daddy.

A year ago today was the beginning of the end for him. Dad had a heart attack. He was suffering, and in so much pain. It was so hard to watch. And for the next 2 months, he suffered. And went downhill. Sadly, he passed away on January 3, 2013. But, as always, he taught us lessons during those last days. He taught us about faith. And about long-suffering. About waiting upon The Lord. About patience. About care and compassion. About dignity. About laughter. About love. And family. The whole time we were caring for him, he cared and worried about us. He was the greatest example that I could ever have asked for. I will be eternally thankful that God chose him for my Dad. I love you Daddy, always. Watch for me... I'll see you again.
In loving memory of James Howard Morris
"I'll See You Again", by Carrie Underwood

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