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Thursday, November 14, 2013

DAY 14:  Today, I am thankful for the times I have been at the corner of Route 54 & Unexpected Road.

What does that even mean?? The corner of Route 54 & Unexpected Road was at the time in my life when Bob left. For 17 years, we had people in our home almost every single day. That is NOT an exaggeration at all. Almost every single day. And I thought that most, if not all of those people were my very close friends... that they would have my back, no matter what. But guess what? I was wrong. Most of those "friends" found themselves too busy for me. Most of them went on about their lives, without me. They weren't being mean. Not at all. It is just how life goes. So... I found myself alone, and lonely, thinking, "Now what do I do?". 

Just when I thought I could not make it on my own... reinforcements arrived on the scene. I turned off of Route 54 and on to Unexpected Road. 

A small group of friends emerged that absolutely had my back. They are the ones that called me, time after time, for a girls' night out. Their husbands are the ones that stayed home with their littles and let the girls take me out. None of them, not one of them, will ever know how much that really meant to me. And how they saved me.

There were more, but here is a sampling of those friends... thank you guys!

                                         Girls' Night Out in Tulsa had to include Krispy Kreme!
                                                  (Me, Beth, Kelly, Melissa, and Chera)
                                 Me, "Joe", "Buffy" and Jamie at Eskimo Joe's for lunch with the girls

Me and Shelley at the OU game (game was
courtesy of some other great friends!)

                                                         Melissa, "Joe", "Buffy" and Kelly

Tina at the hotel during our girls' weekend in Tulsa 
with Melissa and Jenna 

                                          A whole bunch of us waiting for the Midnight opening of
                                                           either Eclipse or New Moon

Glenda and me and The New Kids On The Block concert

Thanks to all of you... you guys know who you are. I love every one of you!


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