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Friday, November 8, 2013

DAY 8:

It is obvious to me that God put kitties here on earth, just to make us smile. Or, at least, to make me smile. I spend a lot of my down time alone, and Sophie is my company. Her "job" is to get in my face, sprawl on my mouse pad, walk on my keyboard, eat her food, rub all over me, shed all over my black clothing, lay in my lap, and simply love me. And she does all of those things to perfection.

                                                                  Catching a "mouse"
                                                            Sophie loves Downy!
                                                      Any box, any time, any place...
                                                        She loves to sleep on her back...
                                                                    ...or in the sink!   

I love, love, love her... and am so thankful God created a world with kitties in it!

And, although she is gone, she will forever hold a place in my heart... My Sweet Pennygirl...(I still tear up every time I talk about her... like now, at work. People think I'm crazy.)

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