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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day 15... O Day...

O is for... "Oh my gosh. What a day!!" But, after all the craziness, I came home tonight to my sister at my house. Yay!!! I love having her here... so glad she has baby cases in Oklahoma!!

Originally, (you see what I'm doing here?) I though O would be really hard. I knew I wasn't going to find an Octopus out there anywhere. But... what a pleasant surprise! Kim is great at word games, so she helped me find all sorts of O things.

Here they are (there are some doozies towards the end, including a triple play!):


Orange Flag 

OI (or 01) 



Oil Spots 

Old Truck 



Opportunity (Get it before it's gone!!)

OU ! Boomer!!!


The Trifecta:  Onyx door, with Oval Opaque window

And now, for the piece de resistance (that's French you know):

  Over-eager, Over-achieving, Outlandish, Outstanding sister Out-doing me!

Happy O Day !!!

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