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Monday, May 12, 2014

\Day 21... "S" Day... 

I wish I could tell you that today was Super and I feel like Superwoman. Unfortunately... S stands for sucky. Ugh. My iPod died just after I started my walk. My iPhone died half way through. My stupid shoe kept eating my sock. I got scared by a dog. It got dark on me before I got home. I could barely walk for sneezing. And I stepped on Sophie's dead mouse when I walked in the door. 

Such. A. Bummer. Oh well, all posts can't be happy posts. Thankfully, before my phone died, I did get some "S" pictures.  Here you go!


Storm Door 

Siding (my house with a Seat on the porch) 

Storm Shelter 

Sky... so gray and dreary 




Spiral Shrub 

Smart people! (If the trash men haul this sucker away, I'm going to stuff all sorts of huge things in mine) 

Stop Sign with Street Signs on top 

Sauce packet 

Sanitary Sewer... what? I have never heard of a sewer being sanitary... 



Seeds (I found this really interesting. There were tree seeds as well as several different bird seeds, but there were no bird feeders anywhere near) 

Street light 

Sand Stones 

And just to show you how really awful it was... here is a picture of my...

Shoe, eating my sock. And what adds insult to injury is that I noticed that I have a major tan line going on from my socks!)

Oh man. I sure hope tomorrow is tremendous, terrific and totally tubular!

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