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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Well... today was an extremely stressful day.  After going to the other side of OKC and bringing back Sheridan's overheating car (took over 3 hours to get home), I went to the school and decorated my final Teacher Appreciation bulletin board (yes, you read that right. I said final. As in, I won't be there next year to decorate one. That is another post all together... new and exciting things headed my way). I was exhausted. Yet, I knew this was "K" day, and I am on day 13 of my challenge.  That in itself made me go out for a walk... you know, dreaded, unlucky 13.

So, I headed out, looking for "K" things.  I didn't find any Kangaroos. Or Kazoos. Or Koolaid. Or Knifes. I found N.O.T.H.I.N.G. Not even any kids. Because it was nighttime! Ugh. I gave it the old college try, but failed to find any "K" things. 

What I did find though was... a really, scary, creepy looking guy that appeared to be following me. YIKES!! So, really, he probably wasn't following me. But just in case, I hurried fast to the closest neighbor I knew (A&F) and darted in there for a bit (thanks for letting me crash your party).

When I got back home (thanks Brien for making sure I was safe), I saw my cute little kitty in the yard, but since it is dark, and she is black, that picture didn't work out so well. And then, on my porch, I found kamikaze june bugs, dive bombing me. Sorry, no picture of those either because I was running for dear life. Unfortunately, one found its way into my house in my hair, and Sheridan and her guy friend had to hear my blood-curdling scream as I pounded my head frantically, trying to get that sucker out. (Sandy 1 - June Bug 0).

Oh well. Tomorrow is "L" day, I can think of numerous "L" items, so bring it on!

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