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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Q Day... Day 19

You have to play to your strengths people. And use your resources. And think outside the box.

Q is not a letter that you find at the beginning of very many words. I knew that it was going to be a challenge. So, since we were going to see my Dad anyway, we decided to do our walk at the cemetery... and hope for Qs! Sorry in advance if anyone thinks cemeteries are morbid. I love them!!

We found some Qs. Yippee! Who would've thought? Here they are:

Quivering Leaves



Quiet Place

 Quadruple Vases


Quagmire (Kim's favorite word of the day) 

Q... self explanatory! 

Kid on a Quest 

A Quandry... when was this poor guy born?! 

Quaint Bench 

And last but never, ever least...

My Dad's grave... he was Quite a man! We miss him every single day. Gone, but not forgotten. We'll see you again Daddy.

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