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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Y is definitely for Yawn! I am exhausted. I'm so thankful for Teresa coming to walk with me tonight. She kept me motivated and moving!

Y was pretty tough. We looked for a Yield sign, a Yucca plant, a Yew tree, or a Yiddish man. 

But, to no avail. Those suckers were already in bed, apparently.

We did find a few Y things though, so here they are:

Yapping Yorkie (you can just see his eyeball)

Yellow house (hmm... wonder who's house this is?) 


Yellow squash plant (you think they will notice if I "borrow" a few squash once they start growing? Lol) 

Yard lights 

Yard (thanks Sher for reminding us) 

Yucky bug in Sophie's mouth 

Yard cover 

Yellow sign 

Another kind of Yard light (man, this takes me back... there has always been one just like this in my parents' yard) 

 Those Yonder lights are my neighbor's house

Well, tomorrow is my final alphabet day... Z Day. I am sad to see my alphabet challenge come to an end,  but looking forward to new challenges. Next up is a color challenge...

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