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Friday, May 16, 2014

Life is always changing, nothing stays the same. Every day brings new challenges my way. Man, I'm glad for the weekend. I need some sleep!

Today was Day 25... W day. I almost didn't fit this walk in between 2 jobs and graduations. I can't hardly wait to only be working one job again. Just a few more weeks! Yay!

Here are my Ws...


White Fence 


Our flag... long may She Wave

There is a little Wheat growing in there 

Barbed Wire 

In the center of the grass, Weed Whacker string 

Allied Waste 


Water Hose 

Water Main 


Ozarka Water bottle 

Donkey pulling a Wagon 

This plant just grows Wild everywhere 


Nothing much exciting about W Day (the walking part, anyway), except that it is over, and I can go to bed! Night!

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