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Thursday, May 1, 2014

H is for Happy!

I told you I was going to be happy on H day. Well, I am! Even though I was really tired when I got home from work, my attitude was still good, so off I went on my walk.

H was kind of hard. I went three blocks before I realized that I had seen anything that started with H. I was getting a little worried until it dawned on me... umm... Hello? HOUSES??!! Lol.

But, patience paid off, and so here are my H things:

A headboard on someone's porch... how odd!

Hummer 2 


Hogs Fan 

Twofer:  Hare in a Hutch 

"Helicopter" (Maple tree seed) 


 Horseshoe Flower


Sweet little dog named Honey 

Honeysuckle (made me think of my Daddy) 

This cat is Hunting and something is Hiding (and I couldn't swear to it, but I think this is a Himalayan breed of cat!)


Horizon (man, it was a beautiful evening!) 


House on Howerton 

 Highway Patrol

And, for a strange twist of events, I met a guy that had a service dog named Cooper.  Such a big ole sweetie (the dog). And for the odd part, the guy's name was Heath. Weird coincidence. I didn't take a picture of Heath, or Cooper, because I thought that would just be really awkward.

And finally, I always look for animals when I'm out walking.  But I rarely see any. Like, other than the donkeys... never. But today, on "H" day, it was like they all came out to say "Hello"!

This cute guy followed me up the street and then back again

This was one of six bunnies I saw Hopping around 

It seems like I saw bluebirds and cardinals everywhere I looked tonight 

And then this little gal... I named her Buffy 

I saw about 19 animals on my walk today. It was very unusual, but a very pleasant surprise!

Looking forward to "I" Day tomorrow, which will be day 11 in a row for me. I have a real challenge in store though. I have plans from morning until night. I will probably have to walk in the dark when I get home tomorrow night... and I am a chicken!!

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