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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Woo Hoo! "M" Day was a success! I was really busy today, and I knew I was going to be walking later than normal. What a nice surprise to have 2 of my good friends come walking with me! The temps were great, but man, it was windy! I'm a big girl, and that wind just about blew me down at one point. It was crazy!

Anyway, it was windy and dark, but here are my "M" pictures:


McDonald's! (Although I first thought it was McNuggets, I really think now that it was a Big Mac box) 


Water Meter 

Mimosa Tree 


Metal Building 

Martin House 

Metal Chairs 

Electric Meter(s) 

And... last but not least, a Messy, Messy ME!

Now that's what a super wind-blown person looks like!! Lol.

Looking forward to "N" Day... and hopefully not so much wind!

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