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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Day 22... T Day...

Today was a much better day than yesterday! Thank goodness!

T was really harder than I thought it was going to be. But, before I get started with that, I have a T story to tell you...

Years ago, someone that I know bought a house with no grass, so they decided to plant Bermuda seed and grow grass. Well, they went to the... seed store? and after asking where it was, they were pointed to the Bermuda seed. They took it home, planted their whole entire yard full of the seed and waited. And waited some more. Before too long, his seed started to sprout. But, for some reason, it looked a little odd. Now, this guy is pretty far from a farmer, so he figured it just hadn't grown enough to look like grass. So he waited some more. Soon, a horrible realization came to him. He had not planted a yard full of Bermuda seed like he had thought. Instead, he had planted...

 a whole yard full of turnips!!!!

Hahahahaha!!! Can you even imagine? Wow. It took forever for him to get rid of all those turnips that would pop back up every spring! I laugh every time I think of it. And I thought it was a perfect T story for you.

So here are my T pictures (no turnips here though).

Trash can


Truck & Trailer 

Tree & Trunk 

Tomato plants, Tomato cages & T posts 

Trampoline (Terrible picture) 

Tag from a plant 

Throw rug (how odd... outside in front of their garage door) 




Tulips without flowers 

Turn around 

So, T wasn't the most exciting letter for pictures, but hopefully the story made up for it. Now I'm off to find out why my house smells so musty... this can't be good...

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