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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Day 26

When I was out walking yesterday, I knew that today, X Day, was going to be super hard... for more than one reason. Not only did we have graduation tonight, but Sheridan and I had errands to run before grad, so I knew finding time to walk was going to be tight. Also, I knew that X was going to be a tough one. So, I planned ahead. I asked 2 friends if they wanted to walk with me when I got home from graduation (they said "yes", hooray!) Also, while I was walking in the daylight yesterday, I kept my eyes out for X things... and I found one! Right in the middle of the road there was a big, orange X (painted), so I noted the spot and planned to go back tonight. 

Well, even the best laid plans are subject to change. My friends and I went back tonight to take a picture of my big orange X, knowing full well that it almost certainly would be the only X thing I would find today. We looked, and looked again. My orange X was gone!!! So frustrating!

However, by some kind of miracle, we found a couple of Xs. I was truly surprised about that.

So, here are my X pictures:

There are Xs in the lattice work

There are Xs in the chain link fence 

The cross piece on this mailbox looks like an X 

Beth and Teresa's shoelaces make Xs 


X in the concrete grooves 

That's it for tonight. I am eXhausted. Such a long, long week. So many positive things are happening at work though. I am super excited for new challenges!

By the way, when I find that painted orange X, I'm still going to post it! Haha!

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