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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sound. Asleep. Completely. Exhausted. 

That's what I was. And then my alarm went off. Time to get up and go walking. Man, I could barely drag myself to my room to get my tennis shoes on. But, I did it. 

I took off, and was soooo sluggish. I could barely make myself move. About 6 blocks from my house though, someone helped me out. Keidra drove up behind me and honked, long and loud! Thanks girl. It woke me up and got my blood moving. I needed that!

All that being said, V was HARD. Really. V? What the heck outside starts with V??

Well, I found a few things. Although I looked for a Vicious dog (behind a fence, of course), a VW bug, and even a Virginia Slims cigarette butt (hey, I was desperate), they were nowhere to be found. What I did find though is:

Victim (poor soldier has lost his head!)

Vintage Car  

Vision of Serenity 


Vee in a Tree 


Vittles (people eat dandelion greens, you know) 

And, for my last one...

Viscous Liquid (This is not Diet Dr. Pepper... I don't even want to know what it really is...)

Thankfully, I didn't see any Vampires wearing Vests while out and about either (although one of the Cullen clan would have been a nice discovery).

Happy V Day!

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