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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day 16... "N" Day...

Have you ever taken off walking, and your plans didn't turn out exactly as you'd thought?  Umm... yeah. That was me tonight. I decided to walk to a certain place, not even thinking about the actual walk. It was 2 miles there. No big deal, right? I walk 2 miles all the time. Well... there was a flaw in that thinking. If you walk 2 miles to somewhere, you have to walk 2 miles back from there. And, if you walk 2 miles there, down hill... well, yep, you have to walk 2 miles back home, up hill. Ugh. I am exhausted. But, I made it! 

And, I found quite a few "N" things along the way. I was pretty worried about that when I started out. The first thing I took a picture of was a... knothole. Lol. Again, not thinking! The second thing was a... gnome. Really? Duh. 

After deleting those pictures, and getting my head back on straight, here are my real "N" pictures:

Newspaper Box

Nut tree (pecan) 

 No Thru Traffic (anybody else notice they spelled "thru" wrong? pet peeve!!)

Nature... naturally :) 


Nasty Water (this drains into our drinking water... yuck!!) 

Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles! 

Nut (pecan) 



Nut (different kind!) 

No Mail (this was hanging open... I did not tamper with federal mail delivery) 


Well, it's been a couple of weeks since you've had a doozy from me... so here you go! 

Naked Man!! (Okay, so not totally naked... thankfully!)

And, last, but not least, the little cutie I came home to:  Sophie... taking a... 

Nap! (The funny part of this, is that I sleep just like this when I sleep on the couch!) 

Happy "N" Day! Looking forward to "O" Day. I'm thinking it will be pretty hard. Owls are pretty hard to come by, so the only "O" things I might find are wide Open spaces!

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