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Monday, May 5, 2014

"L Day"... Day 14...

Something crazy happened to me today. I was at job #2 (after school), and I literally could not concentrate. I was so distracted that it was really hard for me to get my work finished. All I could think about was hurrying so that I could go for a walk. What? Me? Who is this walking maniac that cannot concentrate on her work, and is even willing to walk in the dark, by myself with all of Cushing's finest out on the loose? I am so surprised by my motivation. I know it must have come from God. No other explanation for sure. 

So... "L Day":




Lamp Post 

Litter :( 

Lit up Flag  







And, last but not least... here are my results after two weeks solid of walking. I am only posting for accountability. I'm not kidding myself that there is much difference, but my original plan was to post after the first two weeks, and then again after the month is finished. This is way out of my comfort zone for sure, but... here goes:

Day 1 on the left... Day 14 on the right

Day 1 on the left... Day 14 on the right 

I just cannot wait until day 30!! Moving forward... tomorrow is MMMMMM day!

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