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Friday, May 2, 2014


Today was a very full day, and I got back home tonight at 10:30.  Instead of coming in, kicking back and watching tv, I went for a walk.  Special thanks to my amazing friends, Melissa and Beth, that walked with me. It was dark, chilly and kind of creepy... but super fun with you two! I really really appreciate your efforts to walk with me.

That being said... I stands for "I can't even see my hand in front of my face because it is so dark!", so bear with my fuzzy** (get it Melissa & Beth??) pictures. And also, "I" was really hard, so don't be hating on my few measly pictures. Lol.  

I stands for:



Iron rock (that is what my Daddy always called it) 

Interior/Inside Light 

In excess sign... kind of like INXS... 

Iron Fence 

Insect... june bug... Ick! 

11 Days in a row... I really can't believe it.  "I" stands for impressed with myself!

See you tomorrow for J Day :)

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