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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 31... Orange Day!

Yeah, yeah, I know that yesterday was the color orange. Today should have been something different, but since I totally forgot to take pictures yesterday during my walk (I still can't believe I forgot), I decided to make today orange day as well.

But... orange is hard! Who knew? I was really surprised, but I did manage to find a few orange things. Now, I had totally prepared myself to take a picture of something OSU, but honest to goodness, I didn't see even one Pistol Pete out there. Not even a painted curb address. Sorry Cowboy friends!

Here are my orange pictures:

Orange Fire Hydrant

Orange Terra Cotta Pots 

This Robin (Red-breast) isn't so red... His belly is totally orange. 

Orange hose 

Orange ATV 

Orange electrical sign 

Orange property boundary marker 

Orange wagon wheels 

Orange flowers 

A weird orange light coming from inside the house. 

And... as usual... I have a little surprise at the end. This could possibly be the strangest thing I have found on my walks yet!

This is a fork. A fork, that is wound around itself. So strange!

Happy Orange Day Ya'll! Now go drink some orange juice :-)

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